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The Consumer Protection Act

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The CPA is in place and already many companies are feeling the effects of its implications. One issue which seems to be fairly contentious is: Are suppliers providing sufficient information to the consumer at point of sale?

Flue-less Heaters

A case in point would be with flue-less heaters. Very often the consumer only becomes aware of the need for permanent ventilation after the heater has been purchased or, even worse, after it has been installed. Of course the information is given in the Operating Manual but the consumer only gets to see this after the purchase and not at the point of sale.

In this situation a consumer would be well within their rights to say to the supplier - „If I had been made aware of this requirement before I bought the product, I would not have made the purchase?. Imagine the potential cost facing a supplier if the consumer only discovered the ventilation requirements when the gas installer started knocking holes in the lounge wall to provide the permanent ventilation.

(Source: LPGas Safety Association of SA Newsletter, Issue 4, 2011)



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