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Solzaima Urano Eco 70

Weight: 105 kg
Outlet diameter: 180mm
Body size (w x h x d): 690 x 570 x 450mm
Heating capacity: 214 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 6.6 / 12.2 kW
Fuel source: Wood
Outlet options: Top exit
Price (Incl. VAT): R 36'595.00

Looking for a high-performance and eco-friendly heating solution for your home? Look no further than the Solziama Urano Eco 70! Designed to seamlessly upgrade existing fireplaces or complement new builds, this versatile unit is perfect for warming up your open-plan lounge, dining room, and kitchen area with ease.

With its advanced natural warm air convection system, the Urano efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Plus, its user-friendly ash draw and highly effective air wash system make cleaning a breeze, so you can enjoy hassle-free heating all season long.

Upgrade your home heating game with the Solziama Urano Eco 70 – the perfect combination of style, efficiency, and comfort.

Was R36,595 NOW R31,105.75

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Invicta Akimix

Weight: 181kg
Outlet diameter: 150mm
Body size (w x h x d): 766 x 851 x 372mm
Heating capacity: 130 / 250 cubic meters
Nom / Max output: 7kW
Fuel source: Wood
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Price (Incl. VAT): R 47'955.00

The Invicta Akimix is the only HYBRID unit we know of in South Africa that switches from wood-burning to pellet-burning at a turn of a dial. Pellet stoves require electricity to operate, but the Akimix can effortlessly transition to log burning mid-stride the moment loadshedding hits. Opt for Blue Gum or Black Wattle should you not be able to find stock of pellets, or to burn pellets if your wood is not yet well-seasoned.  At a 76% efficiency, the Akimix can consume a maximum of 1.9kg of pellets per hour, while having the capacity to house enough pellets for a 8 hour burning cycle. This unit emodies the best of both worlds! 

Was R47,955 NOW R35,966.25

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Invicta Maoï

Weight: 240kg
Outlet diameter: 180mm
Body size (w x h x d): 560 x 1439 x 457mm
Heating capacity: 105 / 360 cubic metres
Nom / Max output: 5 to 12 kW
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Fuel source: Wood
Price (Incl. VAT): R 50'790.00

Inspired by the contours of Easter Island statues, the Maoï wood burning fireplace with its angular glass offer a magnificent panoramic view of the flames. The Moai also has a neat wood storage space, elegantly covered by a clip-locked door.  Its 240kg of solid cast iron makes it a stove with a huge thermal mass to keep you warmer for longer.  (Designer:  Bernard Dequet)

Was R50,790 NOW R38,092.50

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