Summer Special
Summer Special

At Fireplace City we only fit 304 stainless steel flue systems and were the very first to do this in Cape Town (the best or nothing at all).

304 Stainless steel double insulated solid core flue pipes available in 125mm and 152mm diameters for inners and 170mm and 205mm for outer all in 1.2m lengths and all covered in laser film to prevent scratching.

1.2m Plain 1.2m End cap
1.2m Insulated 1.2m Insulated

304 stainless steel SS cowl chimney top

A SS cowl is used for the top of the flue system, it has no moving parts, does not make a noise in the wind and is made out of 304 stainless steel.

  Please note that we do have 90 degree bends as well as 45 degree bend as most units can exhaust from the rear.

304 stainless steel Ceiling plates for standard ceilings and for angled ceilings, available for plain and insulated flue to neaten holes through ceilings and walls.

Standard and Angled available.


Aquarius roof seals allow any handyman to seal around a chimney and do a professional installation without having to worry about a leaking roof. They lengthen the life of any installation and knock hours off the installation time.

Vesatile for tiled roof
Aquaseal for roof sheeting

All our flue pipes have folded seams that will not come apart, and have no spot welds that could cause unnecessary corrosion.


Custom made wall brackets are made to
secure flue running along a wall.


SSFLUES, for a proper installation!

Installation Schematic


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