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Parkray wood coal anthracite burning stove fireplaces

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably warmed your toes in front of a Parkray stove – perhaps as a child, perhaps more recently. Parkray has been the leading name in solid fuel stoves for more than a century.

Parkray cleanburn technology
Consort stoves incorporate the new Parkray Cleanburn technology. The term ‘Cleanburn’ means that the stoves are more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional stoves, contributing to a cleaner environment.

  1. CE tested and approved at 7 - 11kW output
  2. Cleanburn technology
  3. Exceptionally hot airwash system keeping the glass clean
  4. Dust free, safe and easy riddling
  5. Multi-fuel grate system for burning wood and solid fuel
The internal mineral lining maximises the firebox temperature, ensuring complete combustion

The recouper reduces heat lost up the chimney, therefore maximising heat into the room

Tertiary air re-ignites the un-burnt gases ensuring a cleaner burn

Parkray Consort 15

Outlet diameter:152mm
Body size (w x h x d):703 x 658 x 513
Heating capacity:450 cubic meters
Nom / Max output:8kW to 15kW
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

Are you looking for a stove that can manage the demands of an extended family? The family-sized Consort 15 heats every inch of the largest room – whether it’s packed with aunts and children, or just you stealing a moment of peace. And there’s nothing quite like a real fire to make your house a home.

However hard it’s working, the Consort 15 is kinder to the environment thanks to our unique ‘Cleanburn’ system. So you can enjoy an old-fashioned family get-together, the modern way.

Click here to read more about Parkray Consort 15.

Parkray Consort 9

Outlet diameter:152mm
Body size (w x h x d):608 x 634 x 403mm
Heating capacity:270 cubic meters
Nom / Max output:7.5 / 9kW
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

The Consort 9 is a real workhorse. It’s designed to fit most home decor, with awesome heat output warming your home with ease. It is easy for you to adjust the flow of heat. Even at full capacity, the Consort 9’s eco-friendly technology means it emits fewer gases into our atmosphere. Whatever you ask of your stove, the Consort 9 reaches expectations. So you can concentrate... on relaxing.

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Parkray Consort 7

Outlet diameter:155mm
Body size (w x h x d):544 x 569 x 406
Heating capacity:195 cubic meters
Nom / Max output:5.5 - 6.5kw
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

The striking Consort 7 attracts compliments - it’s designed with lots of old-fashioned character. But that’s where the  similarity ends, because its emissions are much lower than those from traditional stoves. You can choose to burn logs, or smokeless fuels - our Cleanburn technology guarantees a cleaner burn. How? Firstly, air jets ignite the gases which are released during combustion, so they burn away instead of flowing into the environment. In addition, our ‘Cleanburn’ system means that the heat given off by the fuel stays inside the stove for longer, being directed outwards rather than upwards. Your chimney stays cleaner, the environment stays healthier, and your home stays warmer.

Click here to read more about Parkray Consort 7.


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