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From our friends in England with unwavering dedication and attention to detail the excellent value for money Hunter Lifestyles Range of MULTI-FUEL stoves has something for everyone.

The stoves, with classic clean lines, are designed for regular or occasional use to suite your lifestyle and home.

The efficient Hunter MULTI-FUEL stoves all burn wood, coal and anthracite on a dust free de-ashing system. All Hunter multi-fuel stoves are supplied with primary air controls as well as secondary glass cleaning air control with a tertiary air inlet system for full control and great efficiency during the burning process.

With this Triple Burn Technology the Hunter Herald range of stoves are amongst the most ECO friendly stoves available.

Hunter Herald Inglenook High Output

Weight:165 kg
Outlet diameter:152mm
Body size (w x h x d):800 x 755 x 515
Heating capacity:na
Nom / Max output:9.2 - 20kw
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite
Outlet options: Top and rear exit

Elegantly made, astonishingly powerful. The Inglenook provides the sort of old-fashioned ambience you see in movies. It’s the perfect setting for family gatherings – no matter how many you’re entertaining. Because this new model delivers a mighty performance. It is designed to accommodate large logs or a generous pile of solid fuel. Burning efficiently and cleanly, the Inglenook High Output can achieve between 9.2kW to a maximum of 20kW of heat. And you’ll be glad of that – especially when the rain is beating on the roof.

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Hunter Herald 8 Multi-Fuel Stove

Outlet diameter:152mm
Body size (w x h x d):635 x 620 x 425
Heating capacity:270 cubic meters
Nom / Max output:7.5 / 9kW
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite

The Hunter Herald 8 is our most popular Hunter and is already heating many homes in South Africa. The Hunter Herald 8 has proven itself reliable and cheap to maintain with many happy owners looking forward to many years of warmth.We are sad to see this unit being replaced but happy to announce that The Parkray Consort 9 is a worthy successor.


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Hunter Herald 6 Multi-Fuel Stove

Outlet diameter:152mm
Body size (w x h x d):580 x 565 x 400
Heating capacity:210 cubic meters
Nom / Max output:5.5 / 6.5kW
Outlet options: Top and rear exit
Fuel source: Wood/Coal/Anthracite

The Hunter Herald 6 has a special place in our showroom as the only true multi-fuel burning unit that is not too big and not too small.The Hunter Herald 6 has all the attributes of its two bigger brothers making it the ideal stove for a medium sized living area.

This unit has pride of place in the Owner of Fireplace City's Home.

Click here to read more about Hunter Herald 6 Multi-Fuel Stove.


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