Summer Special
Summer Special

Closed System Fireplaces have many advantages:


  • Most good quality, slow combustion stoves have a very long lifespan, normally in excess of 20 years, if they are not abused and are serviced regularly.
  • Most of the heat generated remains in your home as the flow of hot air up the chimney is very limited and the need to replace the escaped hot air through windows and doors, is negated.
  • Most slow burners use very little wood and can keep burning on one or two pieces of wood per hour.
  • You will not have the smell of smoke in your home.
  • Most units only have to be cleaned once a week if used every day.
  • With your controls set correctly and after placing a number of logs into the unit late in the evening the stove will continue to give heat for up to 8 hours which means you will wake up to a warm home. What a pleasure, don't you think?
  • You will save a fortune in wood purchase costs.
  • The paint on most imported stoves is of such a high quality that it will normally only need touching up after 3 to 4 years.

So to sum it all up:

Closed system fireplaces are the most effective way to heat your home as they only allow enough air into the fireplace to fuel the fire, thus creating an 80% heat retention in your home, versus a traditional open fireplace that has an 80% heat loss.

Fireplace City supply the following Closed System Fireplaces...


Saey originates from Belgium. These freestanding fireplaces and inserts are exceptionally well built and functional.

We retail some of their wood ranges that are best suited to our climate. These stoves are set aside by rock solid design and value for money.

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Invicta stoves are the epitome of large capacity, modern design and value for money fireplaces. Their stoves foundry and enamelling plant have been established for over 88 years with an annual production of 170 000 products a year. Invicta controls 100% of their manufacturing process in-house making Invicta a “real hands on” stove manufacturer. Invicta, situated in the Champagne region of France gives rise to the possibility of the stoves being as good as the champagne.

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The Dovre fireplace is from Belgium. The product range consists of cast iron, closed system fireplaces, which can be either freestanding or inserts.

The fireplaces can be multi-fuel burning, wood burning or anthracite burning.

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